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Can you use CBD for your pets?

YES! You CAN use CBD on your pets!


Just like you, the animal members of your family — including dogs, cats, and horses — have an endocannabinoid system, a major signaling network that is responsible for influencing a wide range of functions and keeping them in balance.

Our naturally produced cannabinoids and the endo-cannabinoid system are perhaps the most important physiologic molecules and system involved in establishing and maintaining mammalian health.

If you decide to give CBD a try for your pet, follow these guidelines for the safety and health of your animals:

#1: Start low and slow. CBD from hemp has many benefits on its own, but dosages can vary depending on the product. Always follow dosage directions on the product label. Some pets may require more or less depending on their condition and constitution. The general rule of thumb is to be conservative and observe your pet over a few days to a week. You can always up the dose if you need to.  A dosage chart is linked at the bottom of this page.

#2: Use water soluable oil. CBD oil can be rubbed on the gums, dropped on the tongue, or licked out of your hand. Using a water soluable oil allows the CBD to be absorbed into the body through the ESC, producing longer-lasting and less intense effect. Never give your pet CBD in a smoke or vape form.

#3: Monitor Your pet. This is especially important after you give your pet CBD for the first time. It is also a good idea to keep a log of when and how much you administer in case you need to adjust over time.

#4: Go 100% Organic. It is of utmost importance that you avoid exposing your dog or cat to pesticides. Make sure you choose only USDA Certified organically sourced CBD  for your pet.

#5: Consult with a veterinarian. Many vets are getting on board when it comes to CBD for dogs and cats. If you live in a cannabis-friendly state, don’t assume that your pet’s vet will not talk to you about CBD or other kinds of cannabis. These days, some vets have even received special training in this subject.

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