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Why I chose Zilis UltraCell CBD

Hello!  First, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit my site!  A little about me, I am a mom of adult children who range in age from  19 to 21. I was an accountant for over 25 years specializing in Payroll and Payroll Tax Laws.  I married the love of my life 24 years ago.  

When I was 26 and pregnant with my twins, I ruptured my first disc in my Lumbar spine when I was getting socks out of a drawer.  I simply sneezed and instantly I felt like someone had shot a gun downward through the bones inside both my legs.  I was unable to move, sit, walk, or do anything.  I finally recovered ( I use the word  "recovered" loosely), but I was able to function and was able to carry my twins full term.  I waited almost 18 years to finally make a move to have the surgery to fix this disc.  Life, working full time, raising kids, and tending to the needs of my mom who was diagnosed with her third cancer, all detoured me from my own health.  It wasn't until after I ruptured my 3rd and 4th disc in my neck that I decided to start fixing them.  It really wasn't a choice at that point, I had no use of my arm or hands until I could get a double fusion.  Within 5 years, I had 5 surgeries on my spine in different parts.  (Degenerative Disc Disease is NO joke!)  I awoke from one of those surgeries paralyized and unable to walk or stand.   It took many many months and years to get back to being mobile on my own.  I still have residual problems and walk with a cane, wear a brace on my leg, and use an electric scooter to get around when needed.  The pain in my back has been excruciating for about 20+ years now.  I was only able to walk or stand about 10 minutes at a time due to the pain.  Nothing helped.  I figured my life was going to mean pain meds forever. 

Fast forward, some months ago I saw a friend post online about her CBD business.  I sent her a private message asking her what made her so passionate about her CBD oil.  I had tried many in the past with absolutely no result.  She convinced me to try her CBD oil which was Zilis UltraCell.  She told me all the facts that made this CBD stand out from the others.  I really wasn't too sure about taking her "snake oil" since I had nothing but failure in the past with other big brands, but I wanted to give it a try because I trusted her passion for it.  I tried it for a week and didn't really feel much different but I tried it for another week.  That is when I felt a significant change.  I felt different.  More alert, more energetic, less pain.  I went out and walked Hobby Lobby for an hour!  I hadn't walked a store for an hour in years!  Now, I can't do it everyday and I still have problems sometimes.  

The amount of inflammation that UltraCell CBD has helped eliviate has helped me to gain a part of my life back!  Literally, life altering.  That is when I decided to become part of such a special company and help spread the knowledge of what CBD can do and educate the public on the benefits.  See, CBD isn't Marijuana without THC like so many people think it is and that is the misinformation that we are setting out to correct.  My site talks about the beneifits and the science that makes UltrCell the gold standard in the industry.   Click on the Science tab to learn more.

I am a CBD supporter for life.   I would love to help you along your journey as well and I am happy to help with any questions you may have.  Use the contact tab to send me a message! Give it a try! 

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